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Welcome!  I am a veteran 3D character animator, which many years of industry experience.  I can produce cartoon, or realistic, from 100% key-frame creativity to strict mocap or actor-performance mimicry.  I am well versed in humanoid, and animal, and excel at facial/lip-sync animations.  You will find me easy to work with, self starting, and fast and professional at my assignments.
     Please click on the "Resume'" link above for my resume', or the "Demo Reel" link above.  Below you will find an example of my personal short still in progress.  Enjoy, and thank you for considering me!
     *My animation work is for the express purpose of employment possibilities, and in no way should be shown or used outside that purpose.  My link is not publicly promoted, and is intended for professional use only.
Thank you.

Currently Available!

I live in
Round Rock, Texas

ph. (310) 402-6707