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1.  What genres do you write?
Answer:  Various. Vampyre, at its base, is urban fantasy.  It consists of mushy romance, gory violence, sex, and some humor.  And bad singing. Mature readers. Guardians is a mix of sci-fi, urban fantasy, horror, humor, action... It's a mutt genre. Not YA, not mature, sort of PG-13. MystikQuest is YA portal fantasy, 12+, no sex, no F-bombs. Kinda PG.

2.  How many more Guardians books do you plan?

Answer: As many as I can dream up. I imagined it as single novels once the 1st trilogy was out of the way. But only if the readers want to read them.

3. What other novels do you have in the works?

Answer: Got some good ideas. Not sure which one should be first though.

4.  Will Vampyre be a series?

Answer:  Sure, if the readers want it. I'm working on the sequel now, and if it's well received, I'm down for a third.