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Guardians of the Gates

The first story in "The Saints" book series. It's split into 3 books, all of which are available now.





A madman wields a trans-dimensional force that can eradicate humanity, and an ancient and dying society called The Saints are the only ones capable of combating the unfathomable threat. The fate of the world is in the hands of two Saint agents: a fugitive, and a ghost.

           There are cracks in the universe, punctures between dimensions called “rifts”, where one dimension bleeds into another.  The radiation from these rifts is volatile, and proximity to them can either kill living beings or deform them into horrific creatures.  For half a millennia a secret organization called The Saints have kept vigil over the rifts, keeping the public safe from the terrible effects.

            Sebastian is the best agent The Saints have.  On the surface, he doesn't seem special.  He runs a small business, lives above a bar in a one bedroom apartment, likes Batman a little too much, and hasn't had a date in years.  But Sebastian is special.  All his life he's been able to hear other people's thoughts.  Like radio stations, they stream through his brain, never leaving him alone, or at peace.  But it also gives him an advantage in his work. 

            One chilly London evening Sebastian interrupts a fatal attack by a rift creature in normally mundane Regent's Park.  The crocodilian-werewolf creature is an oddity, even among the oddities that rifts produce.  This one wasn’t created by a rift.  It was manufactured.  And there are a lot more of them.  Is someone intentionally creating an army of these monsters? 

Clues soon lead Sebastian to believe that a greater scheme is at work to harness and wield the deadly energy that comes from rifts.  But since only deformation or death can ever come from rift energy, what purpose could it possibly serve?  The answers come with a cost, as a conspiracy to conceal them runs deep, and at the highest levels of society, including The Saints hierarchy.  Someone wants Sebastian out of the way, and Sebastian soon finds himself to be a wanted man, and an outcast from The Saints.

But Sebastian isn’t easy quarry, and isn’t deterred from uncovering the truth.  He enlists a motley crew of help:  three conspiracy blog geeks, a lady private detective with a dark secret, a shady informant with ulterior motives, and Marcellus, the witty ghost of Sebastian’s dead brother, who has his own unique skills and abilities.  Despite being dead, Marcellus is The Saints’ next best field agent. 

Sebastian and his ragtag team scramble across two continents, chasing the clues that should lead them to the source of an insane scheme that threatens every human on the planet.  But Sebastian and friends unearth more questions than answers.  Like, what do a Nazi-like group in southern California, a London based cancer treatment manufacturer, an Egyptian archeological hoax, and a World War 2 era scientist’s sketch of dimensional waves possibly have in common?  And why is humanity in danger from it?  The bizarre truth leads Sebastian into even more bizarre showdowns with croco-werewolves, giant bat monsters, a dragon man, a goth gunslinger, sexy Sirens, a flying patio umbrella, alternate dimensions, and worst of all – Sebastian’s awkward love life. 

The day of humanity’s planned eradication is fast approaching.  The magnitude is too great for Sebastian’s tiny team of geeks and freaks alone.  It will take the vast resources of The Saints.  Can Sebastian and the estranged Saints trust each other again?  No one else could possibly understand the stakes, and no one else is capable of handling it.  No one else is between earth as we know it, and doomsday.  And the doomsday clock is ticking.